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New Years Resolutions

Stable Connections Equine Assisted Therapy

Happy New Year from Stable Connections!

As we enter into 2024, the horses and staff at Stable Connections have taken time to set some goals for the coming year.

As many people know, setting New Years resolutions can be a daunting task and according to, 92% of adults do not follow through on their New Years Resolutions and 43% of people forget about their resolutions by February.

To be more successful in meeting our own goals, we worked on creating
SMART goals which are more focused, making them easier to complete.

SMART stands for:

S: Specific – Be clear in what your goal is and what you are trying to complete.

M: Measurable – Make your goal measurable so you know when you are meeting your goal.

A: Attainable – Is the goal you are setting for yourself something you are able to achieve?

R: Realistic – Set goals that are realistic to you and your lifestyle.

T: Timely - New Years resolutions can be daunting when setting a large goal. Breaking a larger goal down in to smaller steps with time limits attached, can make the goal more attainable, giving the opportunity to celebrate each step as completed.

Horse Goals for 2024

Stable Connections Equine Assisted Therapy
I will learn how to
set appropriate boundaries by respecting others personal space.

I will try to be
more patient when I am in my stall at night.

I will try to
kick my door only once when I need to let everyone know I need more hay.

I will try to continue
walking into the barn calmly in the evening.

I will try to
stay focused in session and only ask for belly rubs at the end of the session.

I will continue to work on
managing my anxiety by introducing myself to new people in the pasture.

I will try hard
to not eat out of Chiefs bucket.

I will maintain my ability to
stay out of drama.

I will
learn new coping strategies to manage my social anxiety.

Staff Goals for 2024

Post a new blog on Stable Connections website and social media each month, updating everyone on what is going on at the stables.

Blog posts will include
information and strategies on various mental health topics, and let everyone know about new fundraisers and other events.

support one another in practicing better self-care throughout the year by reminding one another to take time off, helping each other with barn chores as needed, and taking time to enjoy each other’s company by playing with the horses and hosting more staff events.

Wishing you good health in the New Year,

Karen Caron, Founder
Kathy Peters, LICSW Program Director
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