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Daisy Needs Your Help!!

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Daisy, she is the epitome of a “Gentle Giant” - a mild mannered, sweet, goofy, curious horse that is often a favorite for many people that come to our facility. She has the unique ability to make people laugh while also giving people a sense of feeling cared for and nurtured.

She has a protective side to her that is subtle but has been impactful for so many. If you were to meet her at Stable Connections, she would make her presence known by kicking at the door to her stall, or make a noise to get anyone who will listen to give her a little extra hay or pats on the neck. She has so much personality and has a significant impact on anyone that spends time with her.

On Saturday February 10, Daisy showed signs of an injury so we began stall rest, administered medication, and called our veterinarian to perform a medical assessment. It wasn’t clear as to what her condition was, but the initial assessment was a possible abscess on her hoof so we began treatment.

Unfortunately, three days later her condition had gotten much worse and the vet was called again. This time a series of x-rays were performed in her stall with still no definitive diagnosis to her deteriorating condition. Medication for her pain and her anxiety were prescribed with the continued soaking of the hoof for the possible abscess.
Fast-forward a few more days and now there is significant swelling in her hind quarters and she refuses to move at all. The veterinarian returned and we did another series of x-rays for the entire leg but it continues to stump us as to her condition. We have started her on antibiotics and steroids to see if this will help improve her condition. The veterinarian will be back for the fourth time Saturday February 24 and another series of tests will be done.

As an organization
we consider our equine partners to be equals on our team. As such, we are determined to do whatever we can to ensure that our horses are well-cared for and receive the medical attention they deserve to live their best lives. Unfortunately, when medical situations such as these arise, they create a financial strain on already tight resources.
Stable Connections Equine Assisted Therapy

Stable Connections Equine Assisted Therapy
Stable Connections Equine Assisted Therapy

Please help us give Daisy every chance she deserves so that she can thrive and do the work she so desperately loves and continue to transform lives for individuals with mental health and behavioral challenges.

A donation of any amount will help. All
donations can be made through our website. Thank You!

Please feel free to share your own stories of Daisy in the comments below.
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